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Women's Health

From June 09, 2023 17:00 until June 11, 2023 14:00
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                                                  2nd Caribbean Conference on Women's Health

The background behind this conference is that cardiovascular disease is now the number one cause of death for women worldwide, including heart failure and strokes. It appears that this subject is underexposed unfortunately among women from the Caribbean. And this while there is a steady rise in cardiovascular disease among women in the Caribbean, due to a poorer lifestyle: insufficient exercise, more overweight, and unhealthy eating habits. Most studies have been carried out on men, but the course and information on women are underexposed.

In addition, female hormones have an important influence on risk factors, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Women also have special risk factors, such as complications in (previous) pregnancies or premature menopause. Many menopausal complaints can be a sign of a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Women also experience more rheumatic complaints and inflammatory diseases after menopause, which are also associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The life course of women therefore largely determines how diseases and risk factors are interrelated. Various disciplines such as cardiovascular disease and gynecology come together here.

Women are often the center point of the family, determine the weekly menu, and are also important in the health habits of others in the family. More awareness and attention to health among women, therefore, have a positive effect on the rest of the family. It takes a village for a healthy community.
In 2019, we organized The First conference on Women's Health in the Caribbean. It was a great success with approx. 150 participants and international speakers.
It is the explicit intention to attract international speakers, as well as a diverse group of participants to the congress. The program consists of lectures, Q&As, debates, and networking, in which many of the aforementioned aspects are discussed. The conference is interesting for many target groups, such as general practitioners, public health organizations, women's organizations, prevention NGOs, cardiologists, gynecologists, internists, etc. Together we are strong!

Friday June 9th, 2023 - Session 1


From  Subject Speaker
  Chairs: Nurah Hammoud & Soraya Verstraeten  
17:30 Registration  
18:15 Opening Governor of Curaçao, Ms. George Wout
18:30 Where have we started and where do we need to go with prevention Soraya Verstraeten (Curaçao)

Undocumented migrant women in Curaçao: psychosocial well-being and the need for treatment

Marhainska Welvaart Sakoetoe, Fundashon Salú pa tur
 19:15 Prevention programs in Suriname and challenges

Lachmi Kodan, Gynecologist (Surinam)




Obesity as a cardiovascular risk factor in women; It’s time to act

Paulo Cabrera, General Surgeon (Colombia)

Prevenshon programs on Curaçao and the Caribbean and the impact on women’s health

Fundashon Prevenshon: Louise Elstak -  Director (Curaçao)
20:50  Specialized Heart Clinics for Women

Pamela Pina Santana , Cardiologist (Dominican Republic)


Lessons learned from the EU Parliament (video message)

Samira Rafaela  (EU parliament, Curaçao) 

Closure & drinks



Saturday June 10th, 2023 Session 2


From - To Subject Speaker
  Chairs: Shirley Lo-A-Njoe & Mianne van Kessel  
08:30  Registration  
09:00  Preterm birth & Future CV health

Nurah Hammoud, Gynecologist (Curaçao)

09:20  Maternal complications in pregnancy and effect on cardiovascular health Prof Angela Maas,  Cardiologist (The Netherlands) 
09:50    An Update on Maternal Mortality & Morbidity in Surinam and traditional taboos Lachmi Kodan, Gynecologist (Surinam)
10:10  Coffee break  
10:50  Results Health System Beliefs and obesity and cardiovascular Health obstetric population CMC  Sarah Ward (Global Health research master student, VUMC) (The Netherlands) 
11:10  Current indications for hormone therapy 

Mianne van Kessel, Gynecologist (Curaçao)

11:30  Pelvic floor disabilities in obesity and diabetes 

Zita de Windt, Physiotherapist (Curaçao)


Conclusion/panel discussion


Lunch break


Saturday June 10th, 2023 Session 3


From - To Subject Speaker

Chairs: Tamara Martha & Angela Maas



13:30  INOCA & Coronary vasomotor disorders 

Keynote: Angela Maas (The Netherlands) 


Thromboprophylaxis in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Camilo Enrique Rodriguez Cifuentes, Gynecologist (Colombia)
14:30  SCAD in women José Torres Viera, Interventional cardiologist (Curaçao)
15:00 Break  
15:30 CaribCAT registry

Shirley Lo-A-Njoe, Pediatric cardiologist (Curaçao)

16:00 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy 

Tamara Martha, Cardiologist (Curaçao)

16:30 Multimodality Imaging for Ischemic Heart Disease in Women

Pamela Pina Santana, Cardiologist (Dominican Republic)


Heart Failure in Women: Time to Rethink the Concept

Maria Juliana Rodriguez, Cardiologist (Colombia)  
17:30 Conclusion/panel discussion  



Sunday June 11th, 2023 Session 4


From - To Subject Speaker

Chairs: Carl Blijd & Esther Rooijakkers



09:00 Mental health in women

Dr. Carl Blijd, Psychiatrist (The Netherlands)

09:30 Autism in Females (girls & women)

Keynote: dr. Els Blijd-Hoogewijs, Psychologist) (The Netherlands)

10:30 Coffee break


11:00 Lifestyle, diet, and impact on women’s well-being (obstetric risks and healthy aging)   Dr. Clara Ines Saldarriaga Giraldo, Cardiologist (Colombia) 
11:30 Women living with HIV in Curacao Dr. Esther Rooijakkers, Internist infectiologist (Curaçao)
11:50   Preventive mental health

Dr. Carl Blijd, Psychiatrist
(The Netherlands)

12:10 Panel discussion  




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The conference has been accredited by CAN with #A23.019 and ABAN with i.d. #516864
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June 10(session 2)       3 pts
June 10(session 3)       4 pts
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