We are passionate about educating the medical community.

The Future

NASKHO will be celebrating its 55th anniversary. The Board decided that the time is ripe for innovation. Continuous professional education is one of the main targets of the board and besides the education through congresses, NASKHO wants to make use of the modern ways people are educated.

Medical professionals benefit from continuous development in the educational field. For NASKHO this is an important step in the quality of education. Continuous learning is very important in the life of a medical professional and essential for performance in his or her profession.  Because teaching also is an important part of his activities, NASKHO wants to create the possibility to learn how to transfer his knowledge to the interns, residents, nurses, or colleagues. When working in a teaching hospital it is important to know about didactics and NASKHO wants to create this possibility

In the coming years, NASKHO wants to make use of what e-learning modules can offer. Homemade, with topics relevant to the region, but also in collaboration with university hospitals from the rest of the world.

Also being able to attend conferences online is on the wish list of NASKHO. In this region, it is not always easy to visit a congress. Online conference attendance, saving time and money, gives the future participant the possibility to log in and take part.

These are all wishes for the future. We are working on it!