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Online Payment

CX Pay: Your gateway to e-commerce & innovative payment solutions


CX Pay is specialized in transaction services for online merchants and provides payment solutions that facilitate online and mobile transactions for any business or consumer. Our focus on payment technology and e-commerce innovation is geared towards simplifying collection of funds for business owners through different payment methods.

Based in the Dutch Caribbean with offices in Curacao and Aruba, CX Pay provides local and international payment solutions to facilitate online and mobile transactions for any business or consumer with online access. Our platform uses the most advanced compliance & fraud prevention technologies available on the market to guarantee a safe, secure and flexible online payment environment. CX Pay offers multiple payment methods to assist merchants across the world with online payments through our extensive network of international acquiring partners that make it possible to accept recurring payments in over 200 countries and territories, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

CX Pay bundles its products, services and expertise into one package for an easy one-stop e-commerce and payment solution. Our offering includes website development, shopping carts, payment gateway, web hosting services as well as advisory services in e-commerce and payments. We have access to a wide range of alternative payment methods, acquiring banks and processors enabling banks and financial institutions to expand their offering, streamline processes, and offer new API-based services to their clients.

Our solutions serve as a basis to provide innovative new services to existing customers and agents, allowing CX Pay to provide market leading payments solutions. In addition to gateway services, CX Pay has a suite of products and services ranging from solutions for retail storefronts, payment processing for both online and mobile devices, electronic invoicing, digital vouchers, as well as a crowdfunding platform and e-wallets. Our fundraising solution empower businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and charities to raise money in a transparent and reliable way from all over the world for the causes they care about.

CX Pay’s e-wallet platform is a versatile and dynamic payments system that enables value added services, mobile commerce and online transactions. Our system includes a multi-channel rules driven transaction engine and a variety of application modules such as Mobile Payments, International Remittance, Mobile Money, Bill Pay, Electronic Voucher and pre-paid top-up. It’s an agile omni-channel platform, making it possible to transact using a wide variety of devices including social media platforms, mobile handsets, bank cards, smartphones, web portals and POS terminals.

Thanks to our advanced solutions and expertise, businesses can broaden their product range and enhance customer experience while meeting the highest standards in technology, regulation, and usability. This makes CX Pay a trusted partner of banks, fin-techs, and e-commerce businesses all over the world.



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