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Nephrology and Internal medicine conference Curacao

From June 07, 2019 08:00 until June 09, 2019 18:00
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Thursday June 6, 2019
18.30 Registration
Chairman: Develter
19.00 NASKHO, HNO, Doctors, Students and so on AJ. Duits
19.30 Laboratory issues S. Coolen
20.00 Nephrology case studies St. Maarten L. Nadery
20.30 Internal medicine case studies St. Maarten S. Nadery
21.00 Gastrointestinal cases Schotborgh/Saleh

Friday, June 7, 2019
18.30 Registration
Chairman: Ajubi
19.00 Working in St. Maarten as an internist S. Nadery
19.30 Before you refer a lung patient to the specialist F. Brijker
20.00 Pain management in oncology M. van der Graaf
20.30 Acute kidney injury R. Pannecoeck
21.00 Dipstick positive for blood and or protein N. Ajubi
21.30 Case studies Mass General Hospital R. Thadani

Saturday, June 8, 2019
09:00 Registration
Chairman: Berend
09.30 The New England Journal of Medicine highlights J. Ingelfinger
10.00. Nephrology, interesting cases W. Develter
10.30 (Inherited) dyslipidemie in the daily practice J de Graaf
11.00 Anemia: pitfalls in diagnosis M. Kramer
11.30 Update in Internal Medicine: What’s New J. Ingelfinger
12.00 Interesting nephrology cases F. Bemelmans
12.30-14.00 Break
Chairman: Schnog
14.00 How to improve Internal Medicine M. Kramer
14.30 How to create good internists J de Graaf
15.00 Nephrology in St. Maarten L. Nadery
15.30 Dutch kidney transplant program:
mainstream en cutting edges F. Bemelmans
16.00 Nephrology in the USA R. Thadani

Sunday, June 9, 2019
09.00 Registration
Chairman: A. Saleh
09.30 Case studies in elderly patients (t.b.a.)
10.00 GP/internal medicine borderline cases AC Roose
10.30 Case reports admitted to our hospital K. Berend
11.00 Cancer related issues J.B. Schnog
11.30 Diabetes mellitus treatment pitfalls R. Griffith
12.00 Interesting emergency cases J. Koeijers

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